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I have a 2tb seagate expansion drive, that i made into a bootable drive for installing windows 10 on any needed computer, Its been so long so the windows 10 is old and id love to update it, i have the new image file id like to update from,and i remember it was abit of a learning curve to be able to use this as a bootable windows install drive and also share with my backup files movies and music and such.

Any helpful input appreciated. Cheers!
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    Hey there, light001.

    If I've understood you correctly, here's what you need in order to create a bootable installation media for Windows 10 (as well as for Win 7 and 8.1):
    Note that you probably won't save yourself a lot of time by creating a new installation media, as your new Windows installation will still have quite a few updates to install after its initial installation.

    However you could just as easily use a DVD or a USB flash drive for that.

    Here's something else, which might prove useful:

    Hope that helps.
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