AMD 9590 + MSI 990FXA + MSI Radeon R9 390 PROBLEMS

Hello guys, it seems that my pc is having very big problems in terms of EVERYTHING. I have struggled for a couple of weeks to build this PC, and it seems i do not have the knowledge to fix it. I don`t really know what my problem is, but at the first it seems that my processor is running in very low frequencies and very low temperatures firstly, secondly my PSU is keep killing all my hard drives, i have managed to ruin 3 Western Digitals 1tb hard drives, idk how, might be a miracle but my SSD is still alive.
PC specs :
CPU : MSI MSI Gaming 990FXA-GAMING AM3+/ AM3 AMD 990FX & SB950 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX AMD Motherboard
CPU Cooler :Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 Extreme Performance Water / Liquid CPU Cooler. 240mm
MOBO : MSI 990 FXA Gaming edition
RAM : G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model F3-2133C11D-16GXL
GPU : MSI R9 390 8gb 512 bit
PSU : CORSAIR RMx Series RM1000X 1000W 80 PLUS GOLD Haswell Ready Full Modular ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply SLI and Crossfire Ready
SSD : Intel 540s Series 2.5" 120GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
OS :Windows 10 Home - 64-bit - OEM
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  1. Frankly, if you're still within the return window, I would return most of it. FX-9xxx CPUs are widely regarded as some of the worst CPUs ever made and a majority of people have problems with them, even with the right power supply, motherboard and cooling. MSI has an advisory against using 220w FX CPUs with that board:

    To make things worse, it's often slower than a $120 Core i3 in games. If you can't return those parts, I would suggest selling the CPU on eBay and replacing it with an FX-83XXe CPU.
  2. An FX-9590-compatible motherboard almost always needs a dedicated fan for the VRMs, so you could give that a try.

    As Ecky said though, if you can, return the CPU and motherboard and get an i5-6600K instead.
  3. I still need to figure a solution for this and i am not able to return any of theae products. I need to manage it in order to fix it.
  4. Chances are good the VRMs on your motherboard are overheating, causing your CPU to throttle. As bicycle_repair_man suggests, you might need to dump some more money into cooling.
  5. Is there any way to measure the temperature for this. As far as i know the temp of my MOBO should be around 32 - 35 degree celsius.
  6. Sometimes programs like openhwmonitor can read those temps. If they're not overheating, it may be that your board simply can't handle the CPU. You can try severely underclocking it and see if it helps.
  7. I have tried to change some of the cpu settings from bios, and i dont really know how to do it . When i try to acces the OC menu it does not allow me saying tha it is only compatible with lower than 200w CPU's.
  8. Right, you have a 220w CPU and your motherboard does not work with CPUs over 200w. You'll need either a different CPU, or a different motherboard.
  9. But on the manufacturer website it specifies that is compatible with this type of CPU with a bios upgrade and i did it....
  10. And you're having problems that have all the signs of your VRMs throttling. Putting a fan on them may help, but many people never get their FX-9590's stable.
  11. Are you able to underclock that cpu?
    Id reduce it 300-400mhz and lower the voltages if you can
    Question from BuzatuFlorin : "Crossfire Freeze R9 390"

    BuzatuFlorin said:

    So i have been building a system :
    MSI 990 FXA gaming motherboard
    FX9590 with HI100 Corsair
    Ripjaws 8gb ddr3
    Crossfire MSI R9 390
    PSU Corsair RX1000
    Windows 10

    I have been having alot of problems with this gpu`s mainly after installation, but my biggest problem right now is that after i trigger Crossfire mode in Catalist driver 16.11.2 it seems that my pc just freezes completely, and after a few seconds all my gpu fans run like crazy. The only way i can make it work is that i simply umplug the power supply for the second gpu, seems to be working just fine. I have tried i think almost everything and searched everywhere but could not find any answers. If somebody encountered this, mabie you can have some advice for me. Also when i start the system without the crossfire mod enabled seems to be working just fine.

    Recommend to buy other PSU, at least 1200-1500W one for the fx9590 + CF r9-390, because those are the most power hungry components, 1000w is not enough for your PC. That why the pc works fine until you take one 390 out or without CF.
  13. Hey guys, somehow i have managed to gain 4,7 ghz and it seems stable, anyhow i am still not able to connect any HDD becouse they will get killed, i still dunno why, i have checked the voltages and everything should be running just fine.....
  14. In heaviest gaming that rig is pulling nearly 800w (550 from the gpus and 200 ish from cpu). A decent 1000w RMx should be fine assuming you have a couple of drives and fans.

    Why are you pushing overclocks when the board tells you <200w only?

    When you say 'kills drives' what do you mean?
  15. Well what i mean by killimg is :
    The first one WD perfectly workimg before not recognized by bios by os, hdd not moving at all.
    Second one wd 500gb literaley bursted into flames.
    Third one WD 1tb brand new the same as first one. After this one i tought mabie is sth wrong with the drives. I bought another one . Tested in the shop, perfectly working. After i got home and connected it same as the others and i have managed to return it but it was not working anymore. Everything of this, tried with different cables and sata. Also idk why but my ssd has nothing wrong, is working perfectly fine.
  16. Amd about the crossfire, i have just removed one gpu.
  17. Best answer
    Ok...if you have hdds Bursting into flames' I think you may need to have the pc looked over by an experienced builder. That just doesn't happen to new hdds unless you are hooking them up deliberately to high voltages. It's plug and play with pc building and unless your PSU has gone very wrong, sata power won't cause flames.

    I would tear down the whole build and start again step by step
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