water cooling a 4 way crossfire setup with 4 msi r5770 hawk gpus

i have an MSI 990FXA-GD80 V2 AM3+ motherboard, 32gb ddr3 ram. 4 MSI r5770 hawk gpus. 1200 watt modular psu/ Thermaltake Core X71 Black ATX Gaming Full Tower Case. AMD FX 8370 cpu. I need any help or info on what water cooling parts or loop setups. you would recommend. I am new to water cooling and would like to buy quality parts that you could recommend. I would like to run these gpus in crossfire. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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    Honestly what you want to do is a waste of money.

    1. The 5770 only supports 2 way Crossfire

    2. For the cost required parts you could get a new gpu that would be faster than those 4 old cards even if you somehow manage to force 4 way crossfire. Plus aterblocks will probably be difficult to impossible to find as they are usually only made for the high end cards the 5770 was an entry level gaming card. Even if they were made they were likely discontinued long ago.
  2. i can't reccomend the parts but i can give you one advice.DON'T DO IT. Those must be very old cards it's not worth it. With the money you will spend to buy the water cooling parts and possibly the money you can get by selling them(if you manage to sell them all, selling 4 cards is hard) you can buy an ASUS strix NVIDIA 1070 easily and have like 5 times better graphics with just one card, which is RGB as well btw.

    Watercooling those 4 cards IS NOT WORTH IT.
  3. I'm a watercooling phreak, and I have to agree with these guys. I agree that those cards should be replaced with a newer single one. It would look cool though. That's about the only thing.
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