Do I need a non-stock CPU cooler when I only want to overclock the memory?

My future budget rig will have these parts:

Motherboard: Asus Z170-P
CPU: Intel Core i3-6100
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB DDR4 3600MHz F4-3600C16D-16GVK
(I know, there is a 3466mhz version of this ram, but the webshop where I buying there's not much of a price difference between the two, so I buying the fastest product at the same price)

My plan is to overclock the memory to 3466mhz. I don't plan any CPU overclocking. Do I need to buy an extra CPU cooler because of that?
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  1. With an i3, no.
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    And probably not much chance of running the DRAM that high anyway, would guess more on the order of 2666 maybe. The defining factor of what data rates you can run is the CPU (in particular the MC (memory controller). Even with a K model CPU one often needs a bit of an OC on the CPU to run 3000 or higher
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