Asus Sabertooth 990 FX R3 HDD light always on and Audio problems.

I just returned one R3 board where the audio turned into high pitched "whines" There are other things but obviously something was wrong. The first thing I noticed on that returned MB was the HDD led was always on.
This replacement as the same issues I fear so I better ask the questions I can't answer myself.
Why would then HDD light be on all the time? I read voltage feed-back in one post out there in cyber-land and two why would the audio also be effected? This new board started a delayed distorted ( over-layed) version of the actual audio so if the sound was "hello hello hello" then a distorted static-ie "hello hello hello" was being played in a slight delay.
I fear there is a problem.

Any advice? This is something that has been discussed before but no clear solution have I read.
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  1. Check if hdd led wires are connected to right pins on mobo.
  2. Yeah. The most reasonable thing to check. The pins are labeled and the color of wires also tell me I have + on + and - on -
    Now I admit this in an interesting MB but LEDs are on after i power down tyhe CPU and yes the HDD light is still on.

    Maybe I am missing something with the wonderful LED light-show stuff. I love the "Breathing mode"
    The Audio issue on this MB has only happened once so far.
    I have to get the HDD back.
  3. Caled Asus They said this is normal for this MB and The Predator SSD v??

    I'm open to hear from anyone with a R.0 and a M.2 Predator who doesn't have a solid HDD light
  4. Just built this system last week (also a sabertooth r3) and did not check but using my M.2 (not a predator, that I installed solely for a linux drive) and my HDD light stays solid also. But booting to my sata SSD (Windows 10) it works like normal. So my guess is that it is reading more from a M.2 or at the least thinking it is
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