What does different output power on a TV set mean?

Will 20 watts be able to be louder than 10 watts?
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  1. Hello.

    Usually, the answer is yes. A higher maximum output can result in a louder sound. But this all depends on the TV and quality of the speakers.
    I highly suggest using a home cinema or sound bar if you want quality sound, as most TVs don't have good speakers nowadays.
  2. ^what he says. Do not rely on built-in speakers. Also budget for external speaker(s) that is compatible (having the proper hookup) to TV of choice.
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    If you are looking at the audio amplifier power rating on a TV the number is completely useless as there is no standard as to how the spec is measured and the amount of distortion at that power level. Even if the rating from one TV to the other could be compared how loud it can actually play is also dependent on the efficiency of the TV speakers. 10 watts to 20 watts is a 3db difference so if the TV speakers on the 10 watt are 4db more efficient than the ones on the 20 watt TV the 10 watt TV will play louder.
    I would say that a more useful measure is the size of the speakers but overall built in TV sound sucks.
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