CPU performance seems slow at maximum load, temp stays low

I have an athlon 64 3000+.
When i play play an online video for example, cpu load goes to 100%, video lags but temperature never gets above 36 degrees. At idle it stays 31-32 degrees.
I checked the speeds with open hardware monitor and it says bus speed 200, core speed 1800.
Is that normal. It does feel very slow
I'm running windows XP.

I'm afraid to overclock. WHat are the chances it may be showing wrong temperature reading?
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    Old CPU. It's a lost cause, honestly. You can't overclock it unless your motherboard allows you to by the way. A computer like that just can't handle basic internet browsing these days, my grandma has a computer with a similar CPU and it's painfully slow whenever I come over to fix something on it.
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