Need Help with choosing my PSU

Hi guys i am new to building a pc and i am stuck between choosing a 620w powersupply and a 550w power supply. This will be my build

I5 6400+Msi B150I pro gaming AC
Kingston 8gb valueram
Zotac 1060 mini 3gb
CM elite 110
seagate 1tb hdd

Now i am stuck between choosing a powersupply
Seasonic M12II-620W 80+ Bronze Modular
Superflower Leadex silver full mod 550W 90+
Difference is only 4 dollar difference and now i am stuck

Any help is appreciated
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  1. go with the superflower. its a good quality power supply and 550w is more than plenty for that system. both are good though.
  2. Go for the Seasonic - it's a very good unit
  3. yes, that case will take standard atx power suppliess.
  4. Yes, they will.
  5. Lastly sorry to add on, If i add a deepcool maelstrom 120T watercooler into the system, the 550w is still fine with it right?
  6. why would you add watercooling to a system like this? watercooling is mostly for overclocking.
  7. Oh my brother changed his watercooler and he passed it to me. So i thought why not waste the spare cooler and use it for my pc. So, if i add a watercooler, 550w is enough right?
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    ah i see. in that case, why not? yes, 550w is still fine.
  9. yeah thanks alot guys! :)
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