Every single game crashes after 10-20 minutes playing

Hey guys!

So Here's my problem. What ever game i play crashes on me and kick me back to desktop after 10 to 20 minutes in game. Last week everything was fine. I played Skyrim SE (with and without mods), The Lord of the Rings War in the North, Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning and many other games with same result.

I'm a little lost here... i usualy do not ask for help and figure out my problems on my own but I don't even know where to look anymore..... Skyrim's papyrus doesn't see any major problem and leaves me in the dark, of curse windows' Event Viewer doesn't log anythign. EFI up to date, Drivers up to date, Windows up to date. CPU and GPU both running very cool temps.

So here I am. If you guys can help me I would be for ever grateful.

Any way, thanks a lot for your time!!!

EDIT: Witcher 3 looks and run good....

Motherboard: ga-z97x-ud5h-bk CPU: i5-4690K@4.5Ghz RAM: 4x8GB G.skills
GPU: Gigabyte GTX1080 Xtreme SSD: Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256GB HDD: WD 3TB
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  1. bad stick of RAM / memleak
  2. Fishpoke said:
    bad stick of RAM / memleak

    thanks for your answer
    Just tested the RAM (GPU and system) and everything's ok. As I'm testing more games, i realised that Witcher 3, Borderlands 1 1.5 and 2 as well as Doom are all working well....

    Any other ideas?
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    If you have graphics or driver issues, one of the most common fixes is a clean uninstall and removal of your graphics drivers.

    To uninstall your drivers, first download and run Display Driver Uninstaller, and follow it's recommendations of booting into safe mode and ect.
    (This is a direct download link so you don't grab the wrong version),20.html

    You'll download a compressed file called "[]"
    Right click and choose extract.
    Go into the folder and run the DDU v##.##.exe
    This will extract more files to this folder.
    Run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe
    Choose Yes when it asks you to boot into SafeMode.
    After you've rebooted into safe mode.
    When DDU comes up, if it hasn't selected your GPU manufacturer (Nvidia/AMD/Intel) then choose it from the drop down list
    Press the Clean and Restart option
    If a window comes up asking to disable the Windows automatic installation of display drivers click yes.

    After (or before removing the old drivers, just put the new ones on the desktop or somewhere handy) rebooting back into Windows, manually download the latest drivers from Nvidia or AMD, don't use auto detect, choose you GPU model and OS from the drop down lists.
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