CineRAID box with Raid1 hardware failure- safe to pull drives?

Hi there,

Everything I read sounds like says it *should* be safe to remove drives from a failed hardware RAID-1 setup and simply plug them into an enclosure to recover data. But I just want to ask personally.

I have a CineRAID CR-H458 box that no longer powers on. It has 4 drives (I assume 2 controllers in the box, since I was allowed 2 sets of RAID-1). I also have a second identical CineRAID box (that is working) that I was able to swap the power and eSata cable from to troubleshoot- no luck. So, I know the box itself (and hopefully ONLY the box) is bad.

Since the drives were set to RAID 1, I should be able to pull the drives, backup the data, and then decide my next steps for replacing the box, right? Assuming the drives were not damaged or corrupted, this should be ok, right? I just want to be sure I don't do something and then you all tell me I should have done something different.

One last thing. The boxes themselves have dip switches that can set the RAID settings. They are all set to "normal" while the GUI software "CineRAID HW RAID Manager" did the setup (and showed them as RAID-1). I'm guessing this is a CineRAID question but do you know if that means anything or does that effect my choice in trying to just pull the drives to recover?

I spoke to CineRAID and they offered to RMA it, but gave no suggestions for recovery, just that I should be able to plug the drives into the new unit and be fine. But I would like access to the data right away.

Thank you!
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  1. If I plugged one of the drives into a new non-RAID enclosure, would Windows 10 write or change anything on the drive? If for some reason it doesn't work in a new enclosure would I be messing anything up for the RAID as long as I were to replace the drives back into the box in the exact order?

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    In theory yes.

    I had software raid-1 using Micron chip and when I needed to move data off to a real raid, i just connected on up to a sata port and read it like a standalone disk.

    As you say, the raid card was setup in normal mode, it sounds like the software manager created a software raid.
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