RAID 0 Configuration Advice/Help Win 10 w/SSDs and Desired Hackintosh

Hello Guys!

I have some questions that maybe some of you can advise on. I have a newly built system that I am very happy with, but I am already out of storage space on my SSD (250GB). I've connected an HDD and created a backup of my files, settings, etc. From there, I bought another SSD and have it installed and made readable in Win 10, but it is not being used. I would like to somehow extend the drives, or run them in a Striped config. This is where I run out of knowledge, as I've never setup Striped drives, or RAID configured drives before.

What I have in my mind to do: via BIOS, configure the two SSD's as a RAID 0. Then, proceed with format and reinstall Win 10. Hopefully, I can reconfigure with the backed up data. Second, I would like to create a dual-boot machine in the future--big fan of OSX for daily use, but I want to use Windows for gaming and some other applications.

So, this leads to my main question, If I were to purchase an additional SSD and install it outside of the RAID 0 config I described above, would it then be available to install OSX as a Hackintosh drive? I'm wanting to avoid tying all the drives up in the RAID config, or not being able to use the drives that are not configured. Note: I also have a M.2 slot open that I can run the Hackintosh on. Would also like to have some redundant storage capabilities for each system using HDDs. Basically, I'm trying to get all this in order and make a good plan so I don't waste time and energy formatting and re-configuring drives, if it can be prevented.

My motherboard is the ASUS ROG Hero Alpha w/WiFi. I'm running Skylake 6700K, Crucial Ballistix DDR4 2400 (32GB), Corsair Hx1000i PSU, ASUS ROG 1070 Strix GPUand Kingston SSDs.

Any advice or guidance would be great.

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    Honestly you would be better just buying a new BIG SSD for Windows, then use the smaller one for the Hackintosh.

    Buy running them in RAID you lose some things with SSD's like TRIM to keep the running fast. Also you don't get a lot of real world benifit from the RAID 0 of SSD's. Also if something happens to the RAID, or your BIOS is reset BAM! RAID is GONE.

    Moving your exsiting windows over is easy. you can use the samsung software, or most of us on here, like to use Macrium Reflect. It is free.
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