External HDD Died I Used DMDE But I Need Help!

So sadly my External drive with all my media on it was corrupted/died, i did a full scan on it using DMDE, i was able to get all my files back but with 1 glaring problem, all the file names were in some sort of code and it would be impossible for me to define their order, there are over 1200 of them so you can imagine... (One Piece and Dragonball) is it possible to recover the original file names aswell? any help would be appreciated.
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  1. read what it says about filenames
  2. ss202sl said:
    read what it says about filenames

    I already read that, it dosnt make any sense to me, there is none of those options available to me : /
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    Hey there, @Robertwhyte!

    I'd strongly recommend you consider contacting a professional data recovery company for assistance. Using third-party tools by yourself is potentially dangerous, especially if you are not aware of the exact type of corruption/damage on the hard drive itself. I'd advise you to check its SMART attributes & health by running a Diagnostic HDD utility first. If you are dealing with too many bad sectors, it's possible that the files you have retrieved are incomplete or corruped as well. :(

    If the data is very important, a professional data recovery company is your best bet on getting any of the files back.

    Good luck!
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