hdmi to vga adapter that run to box with rca out to tv for video ..does not work

I got a dell VGA to box rca out to tv for video it works I have to buy a backup computer hp with HDMI ONLY.......I bought a hdmi vga adapter but all happens the different color pop like rainbow.....on the tv any would be appericated THANKS....
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  1. Funky color on VGA = bad connection. Try making sure the VGA cable is very secure. If that is secure try swapping VGA cables. If that doesn't work, it may be a bad HDMI to VGA adapter.
  2. vga work fine with my dell.....and the new hp work hdmi to tv hdmi .....the problem my setup is vga and I got adapter...hdmi to vga adapter....tryin not to change my whole system for my business.......
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    Then it is the adapter! HDMI to VGA adpaters are VERY hit or miss. I know out of the 3 or so i've purchased, only one has worked really well.
  4. You ask Dell customer service,they will solve the problem for you
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