Just got my new gaming PC and its not working need some help please : (

So i just ordered a pre-built gaming and i went to turn on the PC the lights went on, fans dont spin but my mouse keyboard and headset all light up but my monitors show no signal.

I checked inside everything is plugged in properly so now i just dont know. I messaged their support and am waiting on a response but i want to see what u guys have to say
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    Almost 100% a hardware issue, I'd say. With a prebuilt machine, I would be wary of messing with the components too much, so as to not void the warranty. Your best option is to interface with the seller's support to get it fixed or replaced.
  2. Since it was pre-built the best thing you can do is contact whatever company built it and get support. No sense in you spending time/money on something that has to be covered by the company that built it. Things that could be wrong

    Bad power supply
    Bad RAM
    Bad Motherboard

    No matter what something needs replacing.
  3. If you have 2 sticks of RAM try pulling one and test. Then the other and test again.
  4. Try to reseat the graphics card. If it was shipped, there's a chance that it got knocked a little loose and isn't giving your monitor any signal.
  5. Are you sure that your monitor interface cables are plugged into the GPU and not the motherboard?
  6. Make sure the monitor cable is plugged directly into the GPU. When I first built my computer, I plugged my HDMI cable into the motherboard because the GPU hadn't arrived yet, and it didn't work. When the card arrived, I installed it and plugged the cable into it and the PC worked fine and has worked fine for the last 3 years :)
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