First time overclocking need help :) (AMD FX-8350)

Allright, im first time overclocker, i dont want to break my stuff up, i tried to do some, but it ended up in blue screens and crashes.
So i have AMD FX 8350 (black edition) and mobo is: Asus M5A97 R 2.0
CPU cooling: ID-Cooling SE-214X, 120mm PWM
Power Supply: 600W
If someone could help me over teamviewer that would be really appreciated, as i dont know what settings i should change, but its fine if you just tell me what to change :) Thanks.
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    Your. Motherboard doesn't support the 9000 series so don't expect over 4.3ghz. Now if your getting blue screen below this speed try a bit more voltage.
  2. Thanks. I'll just leave it as it is lol dont wanna break anything. I have seen some quides now and its bit of too complicated for me.
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