Sapphire RX 460 OC 2GB vs Sapphire NITRO RX 460 OC 4GB

So, I'm really tight on budget.

I'm living in Bangladesh. And here, the Sapphire RX 460 OC 2GB is priced at USD 140 (converting local market price to USD) and the NITRO 460 OC 4GB is priced at USD 175.

And I actually want to play games like GTA V, Battlefield 4, MAFIA III. Specially, I want to play GTA V with it.

But, the price became a big issue here. I'm just confused about buying in between these two. I heard, GTA V needs more VRAM to play smoothly at 1080p. But again, My budget is tight. It's not like that I can't afford the 4GB one. It's more like whether it'll be a wise decision to go with the 4GB one by adding some more bucks or, save up the money for future upgrades. I really want to play this GTA V on high settings at least with some good FPS.

And is there any better GPU in this price range? (140-180 USD according to local market in here)
FYI, Unfortunately GTX 1050 isn't available in here yet.

BTW, My PC has Core i3 6100 with Dell S2240L 1080p Monitor.

Thanks in advance
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    The graphics card is where you see the most upgrade for your money. That extra $30 would be well spent on a better card. Right now the best price to performance card out is the GTX 1060 3GB since it outperforms many current cards at a price of about $200 USD. The 980 Ti is still really good but at almost $500 (and in a lot of cases more) it is stupid to buy since a better 1070 costs less and even some models cost more than the best 1080s.

    But I said all that to say if you can get a better card for a decent price you should. And don't discredit some options because they are just a bit too high, going maybe another $100 US (from the 2GB) you might even be able to get a 1060 3GB, which will FAR outperform a 460. (121% better by UserBenchmarks results)

    I know the market is different where you are but even a 1050 Ti would be better than the 460 4GB and it might not cost too much extra.

    Worth looking into, but yes the 4GB card would be better, but it may be less valuable in terms of price-to-performance, as even the 470 is 40% faster at roughly 20% more cost-wise.
    Price-to-performance the 2GB is better, but overall less powerful.
  2. I know what it's like to be on a tight budget, so I'm not going to recommend a more expensive level of card. I will say that the 4gb is starting to help on newer games, like Gears of War 4and Forza Horizon 3. So if you're going to be playing newer games more than older games, you want the 4gb version if possible. GTA V will use the memory for things like textures, so in that game both cards will perform the same except the 4gb might allow you to use some higher settings that you could not use with the 2gb card.

    The Nvidia 1050 Ti is priced close to that AMD card here in the US, it's a faster card so it might be worth waiting to see what it costs when/if it gets there. The Nvidia GTX 950 is the other card that you might look at, depending on cost of course.
  3. Get the GTX 1050Ti
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