EVGA GTX 750ti sc...worth upgrading to GTX 1050ti?

Hi guys. I have an EVGA GTX 750ti superclocked. Would it be worth upgrading to a GTX 1050ti? I have a 430watt psu and Intel Pentium G3258 overclocked to 4ghz
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    The Pentium Brand within the Intel family is strong, that Intel actually abuses it to the extent that it is misleading. Pentium used to be Intel's top models, however today it is Intel's low budget models. For Gaming always go for Intel Core i3, i5 or the i7 series. Your CPU is a budget one, so it's likely an entry level.

    But, since you overclocked it, you should get increased performance and a much smaller bottleneck. Yes, you will be able to run it, but with small decrease in performance.
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  2. Gpu wise the 1050ti is a nice step up. Pure dual cores are pretty much done for many modern aaa games that really need 4 true cores for a nice performance.

    Depending on the games you play...cpu intensive id imagine you'll run out of cpu juice way before the 1050ti will be pushed.
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  3. Great thanks!
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  4. you'd better not to change graphic card with such processor, me friend recently bought this card he has Phenom ll x4, wich is much better then yours and it still not enough.
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  5. Thanks man! Should I post the end results or nah?
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