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I am in need of a new laptop for uni work. I'm terrible with organizing paper notes, so i need to take notes on a computer, however most of my notes is mathematical formulas which cannot be typed out. So I'm looking for a laptop that the keyboard can be flipped around and used tablet style with a pen so i can write notes. The closest thing I can find is the new surface book, however it is $3,000 + here in Australia which is ridiculous as it is more than my desktop. Also i7 6th gen preferred, i know gen 7 is out but it is too expensive currently. Any suggestions?
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    Unfortunately, electronics in Australia is rather expensive in comparison to the US mostly due to the exchange rate and import duties.

    There's the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga with a starting price of $2,500 AUD for an i5-6200. There is a version with the i7-6600u is selling for $2,700 AUD, but that is currently on sale with an eCoupon code. The one with an i7-6500u is selling for $2,800 AUD so getting the top end model for $100 less makes more sense.

    The only other option that I am aware of is the 12" Acer Swtich Alpha 12 that is a direct competitor to the Microsoft Surface 4. It has a Core i7-6500u, and it lists for $1,979 AUD, but it only has a 256GB SSD. A 512GB is listed as "coming soon". The pen / stylus is sold separately and it uses Synaptics pen technology so any digit pen with that tech should be compatible with the Acer Switch Alpha 12.

  2. What did you buy? All convertibles are touch screen so will support some kind of stylus. I assume you want a WACOM style active digitiser with features like palm block. I have posted a summary of what is available in the UK here:
    Most should be available in Aus too.
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