How much does Bluetooth affect battery?

I have an iPhone, Watch and some Bluetooth headphones. My headphones aren't always connected and neither is my watch. So I'm thinking, why not leave my phone's Bluetooth on constantly so I'll have a seemless connection between devices? But then I thought, how would that impact my battery?

So, does having Bluetooth on constantly on my iPhone affect battery life? If so, how much?

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  1. don't think it is much of an impact. i leave mine on so it will connect to my headset, car or speakers when i turn them on. i doubt it is much of a draw at all sitting at idle. never seemed like it to me anyway leaving it on.
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    It won't affect the battery much... Maybe at most 10% in 3-4 hours and that is almost negligible. It also depends on how frequently you use your phone lol. I always keep my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and I never have my phone dead at the end of the day!
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