Which UPS to get for a 730W Power Supply

I was in the market for a UPS for my PC that has a power supply of 730W and I was at a bit of a loss in terms of what the VA and VAC numbers of the UPS meant for me. If I get a 600VA UPS, will that support my PC for 5 to 10 minutes?
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    Power supplys don't typically ever reach their maximum output. Ideally you will want to to measure your max draw and power factor and add a buffer. Usually this would be for just the basics that will powered by ups in a failure (pc, monitor, mouse, & keybd) but a fairly common PF to judge by is 0.8 (80%).

    So a 600VA UPS would ideally only support (VA*PF) 480w of load. Once you know your load then you can reverse the formulae to get the VA you need. After that you start reearching prospective UPS's runtime charts to see how long they will run under a given load. This is determined by the size of its battery, not its va.

    I would suggest that if you dont know your or cant measure your actual load then I would look for something in the 750VA and up range.

    What are the specs of the system you have and which monitor?
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