1050TI or 1060 3gb or 6gb ?

Finally came across a dilemma, of changing a new Video cards

Swapping my Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce 3x OC
To perhaps a 1050TI or a 1060.

At this point i dont know, if i should go the Extra 50$ mile and buy the 1060 or not.

Also, IDK what is the Power connection needed for that card, hence i have a 6pin connector free for it.

I5 3570k
Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce 3x OC
FORTRON ATX 2.3 500W 85+
Gigabyte B85M-HD3
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  1. 1060 is decently more powerful
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    the cards use a variety of power connections but for 1050ti the most i have seen is a 6-pin with most not using any extra power. but 1060 models use anything from a 6-pin to more than an 8-pin for some reason.

    see here for a list of those cards and what power needs they have.

    the difference in performance is worth the $40 for a 1060 though in my opinion. the 1050ti is roughly a 960 and a 1060 3gb is roughly a midway between a 970 and 980. would you pay $40 for a 960 to better than 970 upgrade?? i would to :D

    you'll get better 1080p performance out of the 1060 for sure as the 1050ti will require reduced settings for newer games even at 1080p. remember a 960 was entry level for 1080p when it was released and it's been a couple years with higher demanding games released since then.
  3. Get the gtx 1060 it's way better. The 1050ti loses to the rx 470 by a decent amount of frames.
  4. I've seen benchmarks that put the 760 right around the 950 in performance. The 1050ti is a bit above the 960. This means for you that's not much of an upgrade at all. You'd be buying it because of new capabilities it may have, not for a performance boost. For a performance boost you'd need to pick up a 970 or 1060(Nvidia).
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