Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming - BIOS does not see Samsung 850 EVO M.2 drive

Hello guys,

I can see many helpful people here so I thought I might get help.
I built my new PC with:
Gigabyte X99 Ultra gaming ->
Intel i7 6800k processor
and I am trying to use Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD drive with it -->

but I can't see the drive in BIOS, the BIOS is very bad for this one it is hard to guess where I should see it or do any setting s to make it work. What I did so far using amazon question thing:
1. Confirmed that this drive will work with this mobo
2. Someone mention that he had a conflict with one of SATA drives on other gigabyte mobo so I disconnected all other drives.
3. went through user manual for mobo and drive but they only show how to physicly connect drive.
4. Updated BIOS to F5 version (there is F6a version available too but this is beta BIOS)
5. searched web for this mobo + this drive and couldn't find anything
6. searched web to check if they had faulty M.2 drive but it seems not likely.
7. Opened ticket with gigabyte (still in process) and registered on official gigabyte forum but my account is not activated yet (waiting for admin approval)

Can someone help me understand how to "activate" it or make it work? so far I have seen few people saying they didn't have to do anything it was just plug and play.

Appreciate any help and advice.
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    Hey there, Suporex.

    Well, you've done quite the research and troubleshooting, so that's a pretty good job! However, in order to confirm that it's not the drive to blame, you should test it with a different computer if possible. Either by connecting it externally via an M.2 to USB adapter or internally via an M.2 port. Only then you can be sure that the issue comes from the mobo. Usually updating/resetting your BIOS/UEFI might do the trick and since you've already tried that and still have no luck with the SSD, I guess all you have left to do (besides the test with a different system) is to wait for an answer from the motherboard manufacturer's customer support.

    Hope that helps.
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  2. @Boogieman_WD man you are genius, I will pick up m.2 to USB adapter to check. I didn't even know something like that exist. So it seems you gave me some more troubleshooting that can be done.
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  3. Don't make me blush. :D

    If the drive is detected while connected externally, check for available firmware updates for that SSD model. It might prove helpful if you download an SSD diagnostic tool as well just to check if there's anything out of the ordinary.

    Also make sure that the enclosure/adapter you decide to get is compatible with your M.2 SSD.
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  4. I cannot find any firmware update and I have checked and my drive was manufactured just month ago. as to SSD diagnostics tool what you have in mind? I only have Samsung Magic tool that was delivered with my other SSD drive. Would that be sufficient?
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  5. I'm not sure if you can see the SMART data with it. In any case if you can't you could give it a try with one of the 3rd party suggestions from this article: (most of them (if not all) should work with SSDs as well).
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  6. Worst fears had happened. I tried with this M.2 to USB adapter and disk can be seen no problem. Samsung Migration sees it fine as well and recognize it correctly as EVO 950 M.2 and can clone to it. I thought maybe when I create partition it might work but it does not.
    Issue with mobo is that I bought it in USA but I am in EU now. How to deal with any warranty I don't know. Plus loosing motherbord for a month or more is dreadfull.
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  7. Unfortunately this could be an issue. Unless the drive has any issues it really could be a mobo related thing. I'd advise you that you get in touch with the manufacturer's customer support, to see if the guys there have a solution. You should also ask if you could RMA it in Europe or basically what are your options in this situation.
    If you are set on returning the mobo, check if the vendor services Europe as well, you might be able to return it and get a new/different one faster, this way.

    Please keep me updated.
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  8. Yeah I am on support even before I started this thread. Guy is uselles, asks me to reset BIOS all the time + he asked me to check if second slot works but it is for wifi only and not designed to put SSD M.2 there as there is no space really. I asked him twice already about RMA but he does not anser in this regard.
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  9. You could try a different approach, e.g. chat, phone, etc. Another option would be to try creating a new support case. You could also try the US website, since that's where you've bought the mobo from. I hope you get a proper response soon.
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  10. OMG gigabyte support is so bad. I finally got to the bottom of this: this mobo does not support M.2 SATA drives only PCIe M.2 drives and Samsung 850 EVO M.2 is SATA drive hence not supported. I still don't understand how gigabyte support could say that it is supported. I gave them all the details.

    Now I don't have my PC for a month, mobo stuck in some warehouse in USA. So many problems just because I was told it is supported when it is not. Same with a guy on amazon, he said he has same setup and it works when clearly he has to have other samsung version drive that is PCIe M.2 drive.
    So mad that I went with RMA but I thought I did enough research. Hopefully some others can benefit from my struggle.
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  11. I am noticing that all the X-99 motherboards I've looked at support only NVME and not ACHI (SATA) style drives. Does anybody know of an example of an X-99 motherboard which supports ACHI M.2 drives?

    This whole thing with M.2 and NVME strikes me as a colossal screwup. They either should have used a different hardware connector for NVME versus ACHI, or they should have made it a requirement that NVME drives can fall back on ACHI if needed. And above all else, they should have made sure it was possible for the BIOS to detect this situation and display a suitable error message.
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  12. I am having the same issue getting my Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA drive to work.
    According to Gigabyte 1 x M.2 PCIe connector
    (Socket 3, M key, type 2260/2280 SATA & PCIe x2/x1 SSD support)

    So I don't understand why it's not working.
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