Question about connecting graphics card to PSU

Hey guys, quick question.

I've got a pretty old power supply (Corsair HX620) which is modular. It's got two 6-pin connector's on it. Unfortunatly, I lost the original cable that came with it.

Guys at my local store were kind enough to give me this cable which is 8 pin on one side and 6+2 on the other. Would it work if I put the 6+2 in my PSU (which would basically be 6) and the 8 in my graphics card?

I'm not entirely sure and since I don't want to murder my new graphics card...

Kind regards
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    Without seeing the cable it's hard to recommend doing that. You'd need to make sure the cable pinouts matched what a 6pin pcie layout would match (where the 12v, ground etc line up) both at the psu and at the gpu to prevent accidentally cross connecting them.

    For the relatively low cost (around $8) you'd be better off buying the proper cable from corsair.
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