"System" process high disk usage..

Hello everyone, i'm posting here because i'm absolutely out of ideas, i don't know what to do anymore, i've tried pretty much everything tips related to high disk usage on Win10 (disabling superfetch etc..), even multiple malware cleaning software, i can't find issues anymore, i also tried a SMART scan for Seagate HDD etc..

I noticed having in-game lags like every 10 secs, and so i tried looking at taskmgr while playing, and the only noticeable thing was the system process gradually going to a 100% Disk usage, and slowly going down, then going up, i'm really not sure anymore..

I wish someone actually has an answer for me before i start with a fresh win10 install' so..

Thanks in advance :)

My specs:
Win10 64Bit
16 Gb Ram
I7 6700K
Gefore 1080
931Gb Seagate
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  1. Hey there, metalhead02.

    Even though you've checked the SMART data of the drive, I'd also recommend that you run the tests of the diagnostic tool, but not before you backup your important files, just to be on the safe side. You should also try the drive with a different SATA port and with different cables, to see if the issue still persists.
    Check for available Windows updates, because if this is an OS issue it might be patched up by an update. What services have you tried to disable besides Superfetch? Have you done this with Prefetch, Windows Search and BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)?

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
  2. Thanks for your answer, i'm glad someone actually answered ahah
    Well i'm trying to rule ouf the fact my HDD is causing it, since as i said.. The "system" process really goes nuts randomly, unfortunately there are no WinUpdates at the time.. And yes i also disabled BITS and WinSearch.. My computer's like 3 months old, i've tested the HDD with HD Tune (Looked up Health and Error Scan) and "Seatools For Windows" the Seagate (Smart Scan) utility, i even used the Win10 Disk "doctor" as i'd call it ahah, and i didn't get any errors :/ Every answers somehow helps :p I've just tried so many things ahah, i haven't tried a different sata port yet, my PC's so new i didn't even open it ^^

    Almost went Berserk last night ;) Nice profile pic btw :p
  3. Best answer
    Hahaha nice input and thank you. I haven't really started watching the new series, but I'll catch up. :D

    As for the problem at hand. Even though it's a new computer, you could still check it out with different SATA ports and cables. If you no longer have the issue it could be something as simple as a faulty cable, which would be awesome since they're not very expensive and the fix is really easy. It's definitely a good sign that the drive has no issues whatsoever.

    Please keep me updated. :)
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