i5 4690 vs i5 6600 with evga gtx 1060 sc 6gb

Will there be a big difference between the i5 4690 and the i5 6600 with the evga gtx 1060sc 6gb
is it worth getting the i5 6600 or not
because i only have lga 1150 thats why
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  1. no, as good as nothing.
  2. If you already have an 1150 board, I would not change sockets. Skylake has ~10% better performance per clock and slightly lower power consumption. If you factor in the cost of motherboard and RAM, you could probably buy an i7 4790 for the same price as the i5 6600.
  3. superninja12 said:
    no, as good as nothing.

    what do you mean by that?
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    it's not worth to spend 300+ dollars for a 10% better per clock increase. (e.g. you run bf1 at 60 fps ultra you get 66 fps now).
  5. oh ok thankyou very much guys for the replies!!!
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