Need advice about new graphic cards

Does anyone have advices about new graphic cards, which will be used for video streaming and playing simple games like Angry Birds?
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  1. What are your current specs?

    And by video streaming, do you mean watching streams, streaming yourself with something like twitch, or streaming video from 1 device to another (transcoding)?
  2. I mean watching streams, like for example Netflix.
  3. It depends on what you want to do, a 750ti would be a great and cheap choice for what you need, for some extra performance consider a 950 or an RX 460.
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    You probably don't even need a card for basic stuff like that unless you don't have integrated video

    But if you need one, the 750ti is the cheapest choice around $110-$130
    For a bit more you can get the new 1050ti for $140-$160 (the extra ~$30 is worth it, this is much better than a 750ti)
    Don't bother with the 950 though
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