gta 5 error not working plzzz help guys

guys I bough a gta 5 disc from retail its original I did the setup which took long as 6hrs after that the game installed and when I ran the game it ran perfectely around 20-30 fps then the game started in a bank and when I press escape to enter the in game menu the game freezes and I get something d3d error try reinstalling or rebooting then gta 5 has stopped working so plzz help guys

my rig-intel Pentium dual core e6600
NVidia GeForce gt 220
4 gb ram

plzz help guys I really want to play this game and tell if there is a patch or something for this type of error and my video card supports dx 10 and according to req gta 5 also supports dx 10 plz help guys
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  1. You've posted before. Same answer. Upgrade.
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