will fx8350 Black Edition work on asus 970 pro aura

its not listed in support for the cpu only goes up to fx8350 normal but nothing with 8350E so will it still work as the socket supports am3/am3+
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  1. Yes it's on the cpu support list. I wouldn't waste money on it though.
  2. Yea , it works, you can take an i5 4460 if u want , it's very good for it's age.
  3. first i dont like intel and iv already got the fx8350E for 87GBP brand new with wraith cooler but was asking coz it dosent show it on the cpu support list only shows then normal version fx8350 Thanks
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    Yes it will work just fine. I've never heard of a FX8350e but the FX8320e and FX8370e were on the list and they're all the same.
  5. thanks now my rig is completed :D
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