Advice on swapping hard drives in different Thinkpads

I have a new Lenovo edge 15 but I spilled water on it so I fried it. I found an old Thinkpad Edge 15 with no hdd so can I take my new win 10 hdd out and put it in the older laptop, which last ran 7? Both are SATA but one is Intel the other AMD
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    Hi there countessjaye,

    Most probably, the laptop would not boot. Of course, you can insert the HDD and try it.
    I believe you will need to perform a clean OS installation. Yet, first, you will need to recover your data. You can do so if you attach the drive to a working computer, as a secondary one. You will need either a SATA to USB adapter, so you can attach it externally or power & SATA cables, so you can attach it internally.

    Also, it may be a good idea to contact the manufacturer's Support on the OS installation matter. Do you have an OS CD?

    D_Know_WD :)
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