Overclocking Q6600 Processor

I recently got a new computer for free with the following specs:
Intel Core to Quad Q6600
Asus P5K Pro
CX 750W
160GB Seagate
Asus Strix GTX 970
Some aftermarket black cooler
I want to overclock the CPU but dont know what some good settings are for this CPU. Iv'e never overclocked before so i thought this would be a good start as i currently own the I5 6600K. But I alos heard that if you occupy all four of the DIMM slots then it makes it harder to OC the chip? Any thoughts would be appreciated ! Thanks
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  1. There is no good settings for OC because every processor is different. OC is thus related to your luck.
    Look in internet about OCing a Q6600, there are plenty.
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    Of course they have a Asus Blitz Extreme board with a faster DDR3 memory.
    Your board looks like it maxes out at 1333 (333) where that board goes above 1600(400).

    1. Set the memory manually to the next lower speed but keep the timings the same.
    -So if it's DDR 1066 (266) memory, set it to 800 but keep the 1066 timings and memory voltage.

    2. Increase the cpu voltage by 0.05 volts. So if 1.35volts is stock, it's now set at 1.40volts.

    3. Try it out at 1333fsb (333fsb) . It will either work great or not post or crash. If not try a extra 0.10volts. So now 1.35 becomes 1.45volts.
    If it still wont run, it's something else crashing like the chipset.

    4. If the cpu works fine at 3.0ghz. Test it out for 20 mins with Prime95 when your close to being sure it's where you want to keep the settings at.

    5. If that fails you will have to increase the fsb a few mhz at a time from stock. The great thing about using 1333fsb is that your pci bus, usb bus and other items all reset to stock clocks. When you go between the set fsb speeds things like your pci bus will go from 33mhz to 40 and 45 then crash at 47. Or your usb ports will stop working. There is always something.

    On locked oem boards you can put a tiny piece of electrical tape on the cpu pad. This forces it to 1333fsb.
    Celeron E1600 1.6ghz cpu@2.66ghz. It went from really slow, to still slow, lol. It's fine it's just a office computer.
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