CS:GO Low FPS high performance pc HELP!

hey everyone, i've recently done a clean install of windows and now i suddenly have really bad FPS. it went from 250-300 max settings to 120-140 lowest settings, wich is a HUGE difference.

these are my specs:

windows 10
AMD FX-8150 Eight-Core 3.6ghz processor
Sapphire HD 7870 2GB graphics card
1TB Hard drive
750W power supply.

i have a steady ping of 30
i use Raptr and Radeon for my drivers (i always keep them up-to-date

If anyone has suggestions or knows how this could've happen i would really appreciate it!
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  1. You should check the temps on your cpu and gpu
  2. gussrtk said:
    You should check the temps on your cpu and gpu

    i did and its all good, i also have the game on high priority so thats not the problem either
  3. gussrtk said:

    Try sift through this. Discussion on your problem

    i've read all the awnsers but none have worked, i'm kinda worried its that maybe its a hardware problem...
  4. I have the same problem, stopped playing this game because of that. Before I had as you on max settings 250-300 fps 5vs5 game. Now fps jumping from 70 to 120 or so. Is not a hardware problem their lates patches made this game crap. Before all this graffiti patches I could play with v-sync on at 60fps smooth and nice, but now when I turn v-sync on is unplayable at all! You can check if you have Windows DVR enabled if so turn it off because this cause problem as well.
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    Do the following steps. Uninstall your current gpu drivers in control panel. Then download the latest version of ddu: . Open ddu and reboot into safe mode. Select the third option, clean and shutdown. After it shuts down take your gpu out of its pci slot and reseat it. Make sure the wires and the gpu are securely set. Turn your computer back on, download the latest graphic drivers from the amd or nvida website. Install them. You should be good to go now.
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