Rise to tomb raider

I Have A10 7860k (black edition) with gigabyte F2A68HM board & kingston fuyX 1866 DDR3 RAM & coarsair VS550watt.
I dont have current budget to buy Graphic Card so my question is Can I play tomb raider or if I choose a budget graphic card then which one i pick up.
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  1. The minimum specs you're looking at for Rise of the Tomb Raider is:

    Nvidia GPU - GeForce GTX 650 2GB
    AMD GPU - Radeon HD 7770 2GB GHz Edition
    RAM - 6GB

    At your current setup, your APU doesn't run that game.

    For a nice performance a GTX 760 or RX 460 GPU will do. For better performance a GTX 970 4GB or RX 480.
    But you need to have atleast 6GB of RAM. 8GB for better performance.
  2. I have kingston 1866 8GB Furx gaming ram buddy....& a Quad core processor with R7 Series APU processor.....u r telling u can't play the game. I saw too many videos on Youtube they play easily the game with 720P resoulution with 30FPS . Even intel 6th gen I3 does't play the game correctly on youtube.
    what are you saying....see my specification clearly then answer it.
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    If you are that sure about it then buy the game and start playing it. Why ask it here?

    Since you didn't state the RAM amount you have, i said how much RAM do you need for this game.

    And as far as running the game goes, i look at the performance of your Radeon R7 7860K APU and it doesn't cut it for this game.
    Your current system vs Rise of the Tomb Raider,
  4. Now I have answer man, listen carefully .....I play game on default setting with 2xx anti aliasing, depth of field enabled settings, just I set the shadow quality medium, that's it & all setting default in 1400x900.
    so buddy A10 7860K easily play Rise of tomb raider in very good quality so next time update yourself first then reply ...OK.
    Don't just see the benchmarks on net only...because not every one has expense too much money for only gaming. I need a decent pc with good gaming configuration & AMD full fill it. ok....You are I think just intel supporter nothing else...Intel is very good processor but if you want VALUE FOR MONEY item then AMD is a good choice. (i m not anyone fan ...remember...its experience).
    & next time dont reply me that way...if you know then reply me otherwise just keep your mouth close.
    Toms hardware is good website don't make it worse of your words.
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