1050ti 4GB vs RX 470 4GB vs 1060 3GB

Whats better the 1050ti 4GB or RX 470 4GB or 1060 3GB? I know that the 1060 beats them in performance but what about more games that are coming out that demand more VRAM? Will the 1060's low RAM cause me to buy a new GPU sooner that the 1050ti?
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  1. 1050ti as i am going to test 1 the 470s for vr is a bonus specs on vr on the 1050ti arnt been said yet but depends on if you want a gamer where to 1050ti will eat a 470 going for the 1050tis unless amd flood the market with 470s cheap
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    Gtx1050ti ~= Gtx960
    Rx470 ~= Gtx970
    Gtx1060 ~= Gtx980

    Your concern for low vram on Gtx1060 3gb is legit. But AAA games are made for consoles first and ported to PCs later. Consoles have 2gb of memory reserved for Vram ( Gpu ) , 5gb for cpu for games and 1gb for background processes ( console UI , downloading, installing etc). So I think Gtx1060 3gb is a safe bet. Atleast for next 2-3 years.
  3. GTX1050Ti is expected to be great at up to 140 dollar market, and up to 75 Watt market. However, at just $30 more- RX470 is a 150W card that is ~50% faster- so much choice if PSU is not he most basic one, and can handle it.
    3GB on GTX1060 I see as problem, because a few games already suffer because of it, so next steps for being somewhat futureproof are RX480 4GB, GTX1060 6GB and RX480 8 GB, in that order. Even better for Radeon buyers if their next monitor supports Freesync.
  4. nah the 1050tis for the safer bet 4gig ram & end of the day most games are ported on pcs mainly then ported to consoles before pc version is released as most games are ported on pc as is generally the master version but sell the console market to make quick $ i am going with the 1050ti range as a test most games should run via adjusting game settings
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