Will This CPU Cooler Handle My CPU Overclock?

I don't know what CPU speeds I'm going to wind up being able to overclock to. Here's what I'm going to be running:

i7-6850K on an Asus X99-E-10G WS

And here's the cooler I'm looking at (LEPA AquaChanger 240):

I want to OC my RAM to at least 3000MHz. Good enough cooler? What think? I chose it on pcpartpicker. I had no idea what size the thing should be. I just picked some arbitrary size pcpartpicker showed would work with my build.


Edit: Oh and this is the case I'm looking at: Rosewill RISE Glow ATX Full Tower Case
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    Air cooling should be more enough for overclocking to some extent. But since that's a liquid cooler, you can go to much more speeds. That would actually work well and should be fine.
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