Computer shuts down randomly when playing games

My computer randomly restarts (shuts down completely, LEDs turn off, then turning on again by itself) when playing games (tried Dota 2, Witcher 3, Battlefield 4).

Tried updating the drivers, didn't work.

I tried disabling the graphics card via Device Manager (1.5 y/o GTX 970) and using iGPU, seems to stop the random restarts. I'm not really sure if the GPU caused the restarts or a failing power supply.

- 650W FSP Aurum PSU dying
- Power strip (some Chinese strip with a meter thing on it)
- GTX 970 itself. (I have read that failing GPUs tend to BSOD, not the case for me)

Computer specs:
MSI H97-G43M
i5 4460
GTX 970
FSP Aurum 650w gold PSU
Thanks for the help!
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    Reboots while gaming are mostly caused by two issues, either your system overheats or your PSU is dying.
    For monitoring temps, there are several programs. I prefer Speccy,

    Do some gaming and keep the eye on temps. If the reboot isn't caused by overheating then it's time to get a new PSU.
    Here i suggest Seasonic in the 500W range,
    E.g S12II-520 or M12II-520 EVO.
  2. +1 Aeacus.

    Aside, not sure I'd risk a GTX970 on a bad power supply you think is dying. When the PSU fails it can take other parts with it.

    Update: The Aurum has overtemp protection. Maybe blow the dust from the PSU and see if it behaves better. What was it doing to earn the "dying" tag "..- 650W FSP Aurum PSU dying.."
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