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I am trying to figure out best fan setup for my computer. My case is an AZZA GT-1. I have a 360mm radiator mounted on top with six fans on it for my FX9590. I also have a 120mm fan on top and a 230mm case fan on top as well. My GPU is an R9 295X2 and that has a 120mm radiator on the back of the case along with ano extra 120mm fan to go with it. On the bottom of the case, I have 2 140mm fans. On the side panel, I have 2 120mm fans. Anyone have any idea how I can best set up fan flow for this system? I worry that if I put all of the fans on top in exhaust that it will hurt my Temps. Any thoughts? The 140mm fans on the bottom are 66 cfm each. Do I need to upgrade themy as well? Thanks.
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  1. Mother of Pearl that is a lot of fans. I'd set the rear and top rad to vent air and all other fans to draw air in. Otherwise you can run into a vaccuum effect where there is so much air being sucked out of the case that the air is being drawn in through all the cracks and it'll make your case look like it's very dirty.
  2. So, To clarify, The top holds up to a 480mm radiator (120mm X4), so after the radiator up top is a 120mm fan in the top back. Should that vent out as well? The 230mm is on top of the case above the 120mm up top as I described and is above the 120mm aND partially above a small section of the radiator. Should the 120mm up top and the 230mm also vent out as well? That would leave the two 140'sides and two 120's on the side as the intakes. Is that correct?
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    Is this a single loop or two separate loops?
    What parts are in the loop/loops?
    I really can't see that you should need to run a 360mm rad in push/pull just for the CPU, even if it is a FX9590 , I'm running a i7 6700/R9 Nano off a single 280mm rad with just two 140mm fans!

    If everything is liquid cooled I'll suggest: ALL the radiators are set to exhaust (top and rear) and you ditch all the other fans, they're really not needed in a case that well ventilated, with so many fans blowing out, cool air will just pour into the case of its own volition, there's no need to blast it in with extra fans.
  4. The problem I have with natural aspiration is that you have no control of where the air is coming from and thus it's easy to gunk up your vents and rads with dust that is streaming in from any old place. Which means disassembling the rads to clean them out ever few months (monthly if you have pets) By using a positive pressure system IE more intakes than exhausts you only draw air in through those intake locations which you can pick and chose and properly protect.

    I do agree with coozie that your rads are large enough to keep the system cool without push/pull. Which would reduce your noise. I'd leave the push fans and ditch the pull fans for exhausting rads (both of yours in this case) to clarify I meant to say all of the rear fans should be exhaust and the top rad. Based on images of the case I thought the large 200 fan was towards the front and angled back so I thought it might be okay as in intake. But based on your description that's probably not the case.
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