Computer shuts down when playing high performance games

CPU: AMD FX 8300 8 core 3.3 GHZ
GPU: GTX 960
8 GB of RAM
PSU: antec 650w

I just got the early access of battlefield 1 and whenever I hop into a game it runs fine for about 10 minutes then my PC just shuts off like someone flipped a switch. The psu is about 2 years old. I have 8 fans and after it turns off I take the panel off and nothings feels hot.
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  1. have you tried switching the pci power cable to the video card? mabe your overloading one of the voltage rails.
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    Most likely the power supply if it's abrupt like that. However, there is a chance it could be dust build up. Give it a good clean if you haven't already, and then run Prime95 or Aida64 with CoreTemp open. This should nail down whether your PSU is toasted or if your CPU is just immediately overheating.
  3. antec make a lot of PSU's what model
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