PCI-E Riser, backwards

Does anyone make a PCI-E 16x riser card that has the slot on the back side, so that a GPU with LED lights and cooling fans would face UP rather than down?

UPDATE: Found one. Still waiting for a reply on price.
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    you can always use flexible PCIe extension .
  2. No freaking way - I did not know those even existed!!! Thank you!
  3. You are welcome :)
  4. Hey I noticed that you are running Corsair Vengeance 2x8 DDR3 @2133MHz. I have Vengeance LP (probably same as yours) 2x8 @ 1,866 at stock 1.5V 10-11-10-30. Every time I bump it up to 2133 things go wrong. I think the last time I did that it wouldn't even boot. What's the trick? How far do I need to bump up the voltage?

    I've tried every possible combination of OCs and finally realized that the FX8350 is bottlenecking my system. I have blue envy now - big time.

    I'm so green on this site I don't have my rig signature. It goes like this:

    FX 8350 @4.7GHz | MSI FXA990 Gaming | Corsair Vengeance LP 2x8GB @1,866MHz | EVGA 1070SC that proudly goes up to 2,088MHz core & 4,579MHz mem | Corsair 128GB SSD | Toshiba 128GB SSD | Samsung 1TB HDD | EVGA 600W PS | Self-made clear case | Corsair H55 Water Cooler
  5. Nice rig.
    I actually haven't done anything special.
    Just bumped the RAM frequency and than tightened the timings. no voltage adjustments. I can probably push it more, but getting highest number was never my thing. I'm all for practical overclock - if i can't see the benefit, I won't do it. With the 1070 SC I went the other way. I can push it to 2124Mhz core, but since the performance difference with 2000MHz is next to none, I prefer to run it on ~2000MHz@1.0v :)
    About RAM, don't forget that we using completely different platforms. Intel has different memory controller and Asus MB handles memory differently from MSI.
  6. Thank you, I build custom rigs including case. With a PCIE extension, I can bring it down to the size of an Xbox. But much cooler.

    I was able to up my Vengeance LPs up to 2,133MHz @ 10-12-11-31, 1.5V (stock voltage). Getting my highest scores ever on Time Spy! The 1070sc doesn't do well with a core OC > 100MHz, but memory handles 650MHz overclock very well. I'm going to run more stress tests before I'm completely sold on it, though.

    I still have blue team envy. Anyone want to buy a case from me to support the cause? Hahah
  7. downclock the memory - it will alow you to push the core a bit more.
    I have applied liquid metal on shunt resistor of the video card to increase the power limit ;)
  8. For the first time I feel somewhat comfortable playing around with the GPU voltage. I did lots of trial runs today. I managed to bring my Time Spy average of 19 runs from 5,775 up to 5,840 in the last five or six runs. It went like this: I was getting artifacts all over the place and I decided to understand how voltage plays into it. It changed the game. This is on PrecisionXOC btw. Switched over to the graph panel and brought the yellow line up to 1131mV @ 100MHz. Then I went back to the main screen, set Fan=100% Voltage usage thingie=100% Power=112% Temp=92C (unlinked&prioritized) Core= +100MHz Memory= +680 Fingers=crossed. Run after run I got no artifacts, no crashes, and GPU score=6405-6461 BogusCPU=3782-3863

    Now...about downclocking memory = I did it (-200 to -400) and raised the core up by 150-200. That's when things got scary. My whole screen began freaking out and I defaulted. Did not run a single benchmark. Would you mind sharing some numbers please? I'd like to try & see if I can get this thing >+100MHz

    Update: With the new driver (375.57) my scores went up even higher - 6511 GPU! Happy Festivus for the restofus!
  9. 1. My card is liquid cooled.
    2. there is a physical mode (applied liquid metal on shunt resistor that monitors current) to increase the power limit by ~20%. The card still "thinks" it's withing 112%.
    downclocking the vRAM. first, whith your current settings, move the memory slider all the way to the left, apply. go to the manual curve you have created and hit apply again. Run your tests. Start gradually increase the clock (it's in the 12Mhz steps).
    By the way, you can not go to 1131. You can select something on curve, but the card will never cross 1093mV - it's hard coded BIOS voltage limit that currently has no work around beside physical modifications to the card.
    Of course power/temp/voltage limits to the max.
  10. Wow, thank you for that - you've shown me another thing that I didn't know existed with the liquid metal trickery.

    re:1. I am looking at a water block as we speak. (

    re:2. This is about the coolest thing I've heard done to a GPU. Naw, a computer. I will have to do this as soon as I can get my hands on some liquid metal. (my hands run hot)
    I've learned something today.
  11. I'm using this :
    Here is how to:
    Generally, I prefer blocks from EK.
    Be careful - liquid metal is very conductive - you can shorten something and kill the GPU or anything else you dropped the liquid metal on.
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