PSU fried. Any way to check the damage on other components?

First off sorry for my bad English it's mot my native language. Now my problem happened last night i was playing games on my computer when it suddenly turned off on its own. I tried to turn it on and a loud bang could be heard from my computer and white smoke came from my PSU. I took yhe PSU out off my computer and now i am afraid that my other components coud be dead i checked to see if there is any sings of fire on other components and there is none. Is there a way to check if there is any damage to other components while i wait to buy a new PSU?
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  1. You won't know the extent of the damage until you can test it with a good power supply.
  2. Short of stripping the everything down and checking all the sockets and board traces there will no way to tell and even thats not 100%
  3. Yeah i kinda knew there is no other way other then actually connecting a working PSU and hoping that everything is OK but still had to check.
  4. Always safe to check.
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    A couple things you can check right away before hooking up another power supply is bulged capacitors or integrated circuits that have odd marks in them (raised circles,etc) on the motherboard. Those are usually telltale signs of damaged components. Even if all of that looks okay, there is no guarantee that the components are still okay.
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