Computer and peripherals won't power up after installing new GPU

I recently bought a PowerColor RX 460, and after installing it my computer won't power up, no signal to monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc.
I had a GTX 550ti less than 1 week ago and it worked just fine. GPU and CPU fans start running, which means it's ON, but no signal. Computer boots without the GPU just fine tho.

* Already checked connections. Properly connected to PCI slot, GPU has no power pins.
* Tried resetting CMOS, didn't work
* Unplugged everything from MoBo and plugged back in, nothing
* Clean uninstalled all video drivers
* Tried messing with BIOS settings, there is no adapter settings whatsoever


i5 2310 @ 2.9 GHz
MoBo: PCWARE IPMH61R3 (bios not updated to latest, website says latest update is for supporting 3rd gen intel processors, so I don't think it's the problem here. If anyone disagrees, let me know)
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 550w 80+ certified

PS: I had problems with my PSU in the past regarding PCI-e connectors, but since this GPU doesn't need any power pins, i'm not sure if it is PSU's fault. What's the recommendation? Should I take it to a PC store? I'm running out of options here.
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    Boot off the card that works, update the BIOS and see what happens.

    Not sure what issues you had with the power supply, but any issues with the power supply is not good for a system, I'd replace it. Even if that is not the cause of the card not working. That motherboard is also a bit suspect for quality, may just not be compatible with the newer video card.

    Or instead of spending money on a power supply and motherboard you may want to just sell the system as is and upgrade to something more modern. Counting the money you get for the system, it won't cost that much more than just replacing a few parts in yours.
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