Corsair 16GB DDR4 Red Vengeance LPX 2666MHz vs LPX 3000MHz


So I've decided on buying one of the following two RAM kits:

However I'm terribly confused. The latter one has a higher frequency (3000MHz) compared to the former (2666MHz), yet also has lower CAS latency (15-17-17-35 vs 16-18-18-35).

What's more odd is the latter is about 50p cheaper! So what am I missing here? Granted the latter takes more voltage, but I'm making a new build with an Asus Maixmus VIII Hero and an i7 6700K, so I wouldn't think that would cause more of an issue.

With all this info surely one would be silly to get the former one over the latter, no?

Thanks in advance.

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    the upper was the first DDR4 stick Corsair released hence the bad latency
    go with the latter
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  2. What CPU and mobo? The 3000 is the the better set by far. You'll prob want a K model CPU and it may require a bit of a CPU OC to run at full 3000
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  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Intel i7 6700k and an Asus Maixmus VIII Hero. Think going to go with the 3000 one then :)
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  4. Should make a good combo, you'll love the Hero, Love mine ;)
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  5. -XMP
    And next manually..:
    -DRAM Freq... - 3000
    -DRAM Voltage - 1.35V
    -Cycle Time 1 CLK
    -tCL - 15 CLK
    -tRCD - 17 CLK
    -tRP - 17 CLK
    -tRAS - 35 CLK
    -tRFC - 525 CLK
    -tRRD - 6 CLK
    -tRRD_L - 8 CLK
    -tFAW - 33 CLK
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