MSI Afterburner Core Voltage won't go over 37

I've been playing around with over clocking and have been using msi afterburner and my Core Voltage won't let me set it over 37 i will include a screenshot

I have tried manual typing in 100 and pressing enter and it just goes back to 37 and i am wondering if anybody may be able to help me out
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  1. That's 37% over stock voltage, if it was 100 it would mean doubling the voltage which would probably burn it to crisp !!
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    Lol get the fire extinguisher ready.. that's the max voltage for your card.

    You almost certainly dont need to over volt and over power as much as that for those clock/memory offsets though.

    That isn't 37% though. It's a 37mV offset allowance. It isnt under load in the pic so we cant tell what voltage that is.
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