Upgraded to gigabyte Z170 g3, now I get loud pops when recording audio

Hi! I recently upgraded from an Asus sabertooth 990fx with an amd bulldozer quadcore, to a Gigabyte z170 gaming 3 with an i7-6700k.

I make youtube videos and stream on twitch, and Whenever I go to record voice overs with audacity I get a loud pop at the beginning of the recording.

My current setup is BM-800 condenser mic ->xlr -> innogear phantom power unit -> xlr to 3.5mm jack -> mic in port on back panel of the Z170.

I have updated my realtek drivers, and not really sure where to look to solve this issue.

My current work around is to leave a 5 second gap before the recording and cut it out, but then the waveforms are difficult to see, and distortion becomes more apparant.

Any suggestions would be apreciated, and I put it in this thread because I do believe it either is due to the motherboard itself or the software changes it brought.

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    Ok, I fixed it but I'm not sure which step did it.

    Open the sound manager and go to recording devices, make sure microphone is set to both default device and default communication device.

    Next, right click on microphone and select properties. Make sure that under the levels tab, microphone is set to 100 and boost to 0.
    Then under enhancements tab, enable noise suppression and acoustic echo cancelation.

    Hope this helps anyone down the road who runs into the same issue.
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