External Hdd Physically Broken Help Needed

I have a wd 1 tb hard disk. When i plug it i notice something wrong. So i opened it but not know if i can fix it or it is fixable. Here is the video i record. Btw there is no valuable information on it. I am open for any solution.

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  1. It probably wasn't fixable before. After opening, it is definitely not fixable.
  2. As above. "It's dead Jim"

    Consider it a refrigerator magnet donor and toss the rest.
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    Hi there pursey,

    That is really unpleasant.

    If the data stored on that drive is extremely important, you will need to look for some professional help. You can check WD's Data Recovery Partners out:

    Unfortunately, as the other guys have already suggested, you've exposed the drive's platters to dust contaminated environment. The data may not be recoverable and it is not fixable.

    D_Know_WD :)
  4. Oh noes! Never ever open an HDD unless you plan on it becoming junk. I hope that you are either having fun with us, or there was nothing you needed on that drive.
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