Authentication error occurred - EA9500 Linksys a.k.a expensive *** router

When trying to connect to my ea9500 it gives off an authentication error on my S7 and my dad's S5. Also my iPod touch does not want to connect either. This mtl rules out the wireless devices. Any wired connection works fine though.

I'm in the router settings on chrome and I am thinking about doing a factory reset... But what I think happened was, in the middle of the night it kicked me off of the WiFi and instead of realizing that it may be updating the firmware I unplugged the router and waited a few seconds, then plugged it back in. That fixed the issue for about 30 minutes then it kicked me back off and when trying to connect it gives off the authentication error. One thing I did try (that I read from a website) on my phone was disabling the wifi, disabling mobile data, and turning on airplane mode, turning back on wifi, disabling airplane mode and it connected just fine for, again, 30 minutes. I don't know what in the hell is going on. I read that it is an issue with the password. But I am putting the same password that I configured in my router settings. I could try just setting a different password but a factory reset sounds more fun. :)

Any thoughts on what is going on here? I'm just guessing that I killed the power to the router when it was in the middle of updating the firmware and that is the issue, which a factory reset will hopefully fix.
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  1. Windows 10 home 64-bit

    Yeah I know how to set up a router. But I just did a factory reset and it seems to have fixed the issue.. For now anyways..

    However I did uncheck automatic updates, because I believe that I killed the power right in the middle of a firmware update.

    Lol, anyways yeah it seems like it is working now!
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    sometimes somes hardwares drivers not compatible with win 10...
    better to install the driver with win update
  3. badboyrog2 said:
    sometimes somes hardwares drivers not compatible with win 10...
    better to install the driver with win update

    That's true bro, thanks for the comments!
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