Can't start win7 after installing new motherboard.

Hello people

You guys are my last resort before I bring my PC to a shop and pay 60 euros. So I recently installed a new motherboard , CPU and RAM into my PC. I don't know if it's needed to give the specs, if so I'll look for them.

When I try to start my PC I get 2 options.

1) starting windows normally -> it will try to start up, show a blue screen for 1 second and then goes back to choosing between starting windows or restoring .

2) system recovery/restore system (not sure about the name in English). This will start but once it reaches a window where I have to choose between restore or cancel, my KEYBOARD doesn't work anymore . The power is there as my light is on. It is a very simple keyboard too without any drivers plugged in an usb2.0 port (tried every port).

People told me to put in my windows CD and make bios choose to boot from my CD. I did that but once I get into choosing my language to install win7. My keyboard won't work either.

I must say I'm very new and it's the first time I installed a new motherboard . Therefore i won't leave the option out I didn't connect some hardware cable properly . Although my PC doesn't shut down.

I hope to find some help here.


PS: i don't need a back up of my old files so don't bother about that.
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    It's not unusual for windows not to work when new MB is used, no drivers for it installed.
    If you are having such problems with KB, enter BIOS and make sure that USB is set to Legacy mode.
    If everything else fails try a KB with PS/2 connector.
  2. Boot into Windows setup, wait until the choose language screen appears, then without turning the computer off or rebooting unplug the keyboard and plug it back in a different USB port.
  3. Hey there, Frederic.

    Well, the good news (if you can call it that) is that this is normal behaviour. You can't use the drive with the already installed Windows on it, as it was installed basically while the drive was working along with a completely different motherboard. That OS (operating system) has been configured for the hardware you previously had and it's normal for you not to be able to boot to Windows and get BSOD.
    On the other hand, it's a bit weird that the keyboard would stop working in the middle of the Windows installation wizard. I'd recommend that you make sure that everything has been properly connected (as you've mentioned yourself that this might be an issue as well). You should also try the keyboard with a different USB port (assuming that this is a USB keyboard). Make sure that the Windows 7 installation disk is not damaged as well, if it is, you could create a new bootable media by following this guide:

    edit: Didn't realize there were already a couple of answers posted while I was typing. :)

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
  4. Sorry for picking the answer on the first solution. Its not solved yet but Cant see where to undo it.

    One question is : where can I find the USB legacy in BIOS , it's asrock uefi. Edit: found it and it was enabled.

    Second I don't have a PS/2 keyboard nor adapter.

    The CD is not damaged.

    Using other USB ports didn't help.
  5. Unfortunately I can't direct you right to that setting, as I don't know the location by heart, but you should be able to find that out from the motherboard's User Manual.
    Another option would be to try and reset your BIOS, to see if that fixes things up. Seems like this fellow had a similar issue and that helped:
  6. Breakthrough: I enabled PS/2 support on bios (although my keyboard isn't using PS/2) and it worked !

    I want to thank all of you!

    I'll keep you updated if something else happens.
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