Ps4 controller stopped working after 1.5ft drop off sofa help please

I have had a ps4 for about 4 weeks and have dropped the controller from the sofa at around 1.5ft from the ground it disconnected from the ps4 and has not turned or allowed me to charge it since on both my ps4 and using other usb cables. Id like someone to suggest anyway of fixing this although I can send it back to sony they are having issues with there returns system and I go on holiday next week and it will most likely not be sent off before then meaning I will not be able to receive a replacement while well into November. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I didn't and wouldn't have expected the controller to completely break after such a small drop on a laminate floor as I have dropped my previous controllers on many platforms before and have never known anything like this
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  1. You really cant fix it. Just send it back.
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