5 years old PSU still safe to use?

Hi, I have a 700W Bronze Cougar PSU, works without any issues since very long time like nearly 5 years, still working, I have a air blower monthly cleaning up the inside, so there's no serious dust problems as far as I see. My question is, its still safe to use? I mean, its power supply unit after all, it can explode (sorry if that sounds dumb) due to lifespan or anything like that?

my PC is, i7 4790k,AMD R7 370, ASUS Z97 Motherboard, samsung ssd and a harddisk. I saw many people using around 500W units that have above hardware than mine. so it should be okay in terms of power right? I'm using "high performance" mode from windows control panel power settings to prevent "nvidia/amd kernel driver stopped working and recovered" errors. so this option can cause any future problems? I mean I'm using that option since long time

should I buy a new PSU?
thanks in advance
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  1. Yup but do realize the age cuts into all PSU's output. May only output the equal of a 500~600Watt.
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    Probably depends on which exact model. But some of Cougar's 700W supplies received decent marks though only with relatively light loads (under 500W, which you clearly have)

    Capacitors age over time and it might not output as much as it used to, but as long as you aren't hitting that it should do well enough.

    You should probably consider saving up some money every month and just pick up a new power supply eventually.
  3. simply get a new one from seasonic/xfx ts-xtr/evga b2-g2/superflower/corsair rm-ax-hx-cs
  4. bronze plus or silver plus, really matters? I will buy a new PSU as soon as possible
  5. ``bronze plus or silver plus, really matters? I will buy a new PSU as soon as possible ``

    all depend on what you do...overclocking? 24hrs/24hrs running? if not..any of them will be good
  6. The 80 plus ratings are actually regulated, so there is that. Avoid supplies that say 85 plus as they are not the same institution.

    80+, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium.

    If within budget I say go for gold. That is enough efficiency gain to be worth it over a straight 80 Plus or Bronze. Higher efficiency means lower temperature for a given load, and thus longer life.

    But there are plenty of less then good 80 Plus Bronze. The rating is measured at somewhat ideal conditions (low temps), and doesn't apply across the entire range a PSU is capable of. Efficiency will drop below the rating at below 50% and above 80% sometimes. Ripple and voltage regulation problems will start to happen. So while they pass, not always good under all conditions. The supplies that can handle 50C under a full load will be expensive, but last at least a decade.

    Tom's keeps a decent list of power supplies to look out for. If you aren't doing an immediate purchase, wait for rebates or deals.
  7. Thank you!
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