New GTX 1080 + Heroes of the Storm = hang + black screen + loud fan noise after 10-15 minutes

Usually while playing a game or two of HOTS, the PC will suddenly go black and the fan will be highly audible.

It is highly unlikely to be a heat issue as my fan is set to permanent 70% (after the issue happened a few times, and my case is basically directly blown on by my air-con).

It happened before I installed the EVGA fan control AND after. What else can I do to prevent this? Thanks in advance!
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  1. What's your hardware - mobo, CPU, DRAM, GPU and PSU?
  2. Thanks for the reply - it's as follows: (from memory)

    The PC is basically about 10 months old but the GPU is less than a month old.

    - Mobo: Z87 Fatality Killer
    - CPU: Intel I5
    - DRAM: Corsair 8GB RAM
    - GPU: (brand new) EVGA GTX1080 FTW (self-installed)

    The PC has never done this before installing the 1080. It was working fine for the first 2 weeks with my new GPU. The sudden reset only started less than a week ago after I was running the card after 10+ days, and ONLY when I'm on HOTS. Before that no problem at all.

    I installed the EVGA fan control software and set the fan speed to permanently 70% and kept an eye on the temp - it seems to be aaround 39C when idle and starting the game it goes to about 45C. It still resets suddenly.

    The GPU also pretty much has an air-con blowing directly at it from about 2m (6 ft) away. Thanks in advance.
  3. Its not like its going to be use since these day !
  4. You know about the EVGA FTW issues and got your BIOS update right? Maybe you'll have to go a step further and get your VRM thermal pads as well.
  5. I dont have right now my gtx 1080 its the 570
    The 1080 is in one month i will get it
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