Custom Built Gaming PC Or MacBook?

Budget £1600

So I'm at college I'm studying music production and sound engineering. This course relies heavily on avid protools, and it also relies a lot on Logic Pro X (my preferred DAW). The minimum specs of protools is roughly an i5 processor and 8gb of ram, although my college is strongly recommending 16gb of ram and i7.

As I'm a huge gamer, I'm really stuck between: making my own PC that accommodates gaming and producing, or buying a MacBook and then resorting to getting an Xbox one S or PS4 pro which I'm also happy to do!

I'm also happy to build a PC for 60fps 1080p gaming for less than £1600 and then spend the rest of money on a MacBook for logic and heavier protools use, but that way it makes me think I might aswell just get a MacBook that runs all the software I need and get a PS4 pro.

Portabliy for me whilst using Logic Pro X, I still unfortunately a must as I'm constantly using that software with my band in and out of the studio.

Help would be muchly appreciated, and if someone could even recommend a particular PC build that'd be marvellous.

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    I would probably go with a Hackintosh since you could get a lot more bang for the buck. But if you want portability you should get the MacBook and use bootcamp to run Windows for gaming.

    Not really sure how well the reverse, installing MacOS on a PC laptop, works though, never needed to look it up.
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